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We have entered a season of renovation and maintenance in our home of late. We’ve seen a parade of handymen, plumbers, heating and air guys, painters, flooring  installers, etc. Some are great, others—not so much. ASF stands out as having the kind of worker you want to come to your home and do a job. They are very professional: prompt, careful, respectful, understand the need to explain what they are doing and why, and best of all—excellent in their craftsmanship. I wish that there were more like them!

I would gladly use ASF again. They did a fabulous job on a kitchen counter-top installation that was a bit tricky. As I was planning the project, ASF was patient with all my questions and thorough in their responses. Happily, their prices were very reasonable. Though they weren’t quite as low as the big box stores, they didn’t cost much more; and I avoided the headaches and nightmares that I have heard from friends that went that other route. But best of all, was the way the workmen diligently and patiently worked to do the job right when challenges presented themselves on the installation. The one thing that I feel could be improved is that the chief installer wasn’t always easy to understand when we were negotiating difficulties. But it wasn’t bad, and we were able to work everything out.  Overall, a minor consideration when weighed against his expertise and care. They did an exceptional job!

If I had known the caliber of the people I was working with, I would have worried about this project less and enjoyed the process more.

I highly recommend this business.

Update:  I wrote the above review in April, but held off on posting it until I could do a second project with ASF to confirm my impressions.  I can only say that I was even more impressed the second time around. They really go “above and beyond” in being helpful and providing a quality product that is beautiful!

I have been telling all my friends about you, I have been so grateful for the work that you’ve done, that I really do feel like shouting it from the rooftops

Roberta S.