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The Advantage of Travertine

Travertine is a much softer feel than granite or marble. If you’re looking for a way to tone down the bold feel of granite, this just might be what you’re looking for. We highly recommend travertine tile for kitchen and bathroom backsplash.

Another use for travertine is bathroom vanity countertops. Like marble, travertine offers a softer feel ideal for vanities.

Travertine also makes great a great flooring material, pool coping and patio areas as well as for high-traffic indoor areas. Quite often, these are floor surfaces that you might find inside a mall throughout large outdoor gardens and more. Here are some of the top advantages of using travertine:

  1. Weather and erosion prevention: Travertine is a surface that can withstand any type of erosion or weathering and infect the material can actually improve with age. This means that even when you put it out in severe weather or outdoor areas it will continue to offer you great results through the years.
  2. Very little any maintenance or cleaning is required: Travertine is natural hard wearing stone and it’s known for its extreme reliability as well as its versatility and durability. Because so many buildings from ancient times have stood for thousands of years utilizing this type of construction you can get away with installing tile and then performing only a small amount of maintenance. It can be cleaned with a pressure washer and it can actually gain strength over time.
  3. It can add value to your home: Travertine rocks are about 50 million years old and it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications because it has extremely great abilities as being twice the strength of concrete, non-slip and heat resistant. All of these properties coupled with its amazing low maintenance ability ensures that any of these installations wide value to your home.

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