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The Advantage of Caesarstone

Caesarstone is one of the oldest specialty quartz surface products. Caesarstone utilizes technology that produces an extremely resistant surface that’s perfect for countertops, backslashes and more. Caesarstone is constructed using a process that doesn’t require any type of sealants or waxes and can add some true elegance to your home.

Here are some of the top advantages that you can get when you choose Caesarstone:

  1. Scratch resistance: Caesarstone is designed for maximum stain, crack and scratch resistance. This means that you can be extremely rough on your countertops and never worry about damaging them. Of course we always advise using a cutting board or custom trivet. You do not ever want to cut directly on the countertop. Because of Caesarstone’s extreme density, it doesn’t absorb bacteria like other surfaces and is also quite heat resistant. This ensures that it’s perfect for the surfaces in many kitchen environments and can stand up to regular wear and tear with minimal maintenance.
  2. Amazing color consistency: after installing this product in your home, you will notice that the color consistency remains. That’s the beauty of quartz materials, they really don’t require a lot of maintenance. It also means that Caesarstone doesn’t become discolored with the use of heavy chemical cleaning products. You also don’t have to worry about wearing off any type of sealer or wax on top because this product is created without any type of chemical component that can be worn away over time.
  3. Resistant to mold: because of its extremely dense nature Caesarstone has been engineered to be resistant to mold which can cut down on all of the bacteria in your kitchen surfaces or in bathrooms. While natural stone and some less porous materials can sometimes accumulate mold this product has an amazing strength and heavy resistance to all types of mold.

Caesarstone Care and Maintenance