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The Advantage of Hanstone

Hanstone is an extremely popular natural quartz resurfacing product. Hanstone quartz is known for its high performance and luxurious look and for being one of the best manufacturers of natural quartz products in the marketplace today. It has a number of huge advantages as well as being one of the hardest surface options in our catalogue. Here are some of the top advantages that you can experience by installing Hanstone quartz surfaces throughout your home.

  1. Twice the durability of granite: Hanstone quartz has been handcrafted and designed to be twice as strong as granite meeting you want experienced the same issues of cracking, chips and wear it can be extremely detrimental to owning a natural stone countertop.
  2. No sealing necessary: unlike some other types natural stone, Hanstone Quartz doesn’t require any type of conditioning or polishing or sealing. It’s extremely nonporous and as a result it doesn’t absorb stains or bacteria making it one of the safest kitchen materials that you can use for surfacing. Hanstone has been tested and certified by the national sanitation for food safety and food contract under an NSF 51 Cert. This makes it one of the healthiest products that you can put in your home for food preparation.
  3. Extended warranty: Hanstone is backed by a lifetime limited warranty as well as a commercial 10 year limited warranty. This means that you not only get one of the most resistant and durable surface options for your home, but also a product the manufacturers will stand behind for your lifetime of your kitchen countertop.
  4. Stain resistant and heat resistant: it’s extremely durable and also great for food preparation because it doesn’t absorb any type of bacteria or stains.
  5. Huge number of colors: Hanstone currently produces over 60 different patterns in some of the most natural appearing finishes and in demand surface patterns you could find across the industry. You could surely find something that matches your home or your style in Hanstone.
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