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The Advantage of Cambria Quartz

Cambria is an excellent option for quartz surfacing and the product is made out of a natural quartz surfacing product that is perfect for vanities, fireplaces, showers, countertops and more. It’s extremely versatile and it has the look and feel of granite without the same price point. Cambria surfaces can come with a number of different advantages including its extreme workability in a variety of different surfacing projects. Here’s on the top advantages that you can receive by choosing Cambria over other surfacing options.

  1. Durability: Any countertop is bound to deal with a number of different struggles almost every day. Cambria is a quartz surface that can resist all types of stresses, stains and scratches. It maintains its color and it maintains its beauty even over the long term making it an amazing investment for your home.
  2. Impact resistance: Cambria is 93% pure quartz. When compared to granite, which must only have 40-60% quartz content, Cambria is has to be much more durable than any other granite countertop on the market and it can look just as elegant. This makes it one of the best valued surfacing materials for your money.
  3. The best for food preparation: Cambria is great for food preparation because it is a nonabsorbent and nonporous surface. This means it won’t draw in excess moisture or harmful bacteria from your food. There are no harmful chemical components, they can get off or radon making it one of the safest food preparation surfaces available on the market today. If you need natural stone that is the perfect option for any type of cooking area, Cambria is one of the best choices out there.
  4. Easy to maintain: Warm water and a mild soap is all it takes to clean this surface. It doesn’t require any type of dangerous chemicals or regular oiling or maintenance. The cost of upkeep on Cambria is one of the lowest for any surfacing in your home.
  5. Made in the USA: Cambria is the only quartz product made in the USA. You can have peace of mind knowing that your choice to invest in a quality quartz surface is directly benefiting the jobs here in the USA.