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The team at Advantage Stone installed our countertops yesterday, most notably the kitchen in beautiful Tortuga. I am just incredibly thrilled!

Mother Nature may be credited with creating this special type of stone, but the value y’all added in between the quarry and my kitchen was just astounding. It’s just beautiful!

The color/variation/reflective quality of the final pieces is gorgeous. I love it!  And the detailed “fit & finish” is immaculate. Thanks to Steve for doing a very accurate job templating (all the rooms, not just the kitchen), your whole team (it seems) helping lay out the kitchen, Raul and his crew in the shop doing the fabricating, and then turning it over to Saul & Ramon to work their form of magic on-site. What a terrific operation and team! You were all very enjoyable to work with!

The common thread for all of you seems to be making sure the customer is delighted!  Well, mission accomplished!  I’m over-the-moon delighted with the outcome. I so appreciate the extra effort in time and materials to transfer my preferred slab to the shop on Tuesday, and then to have it installed on Thursday, with great color matching in seams, etc., is extraordinary customer service!     Bravo, y’all!

Thank you, thank you!  I will so enjoy this beautiful stone, every day!!

Cynthia R