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The Advantages of Marble

If you are considering marble countertops or even marble shower panels throughout your home, it’s important to remember that these surfaces can add quite a lot of value to your property. Marble surfaces throughout a home are extremely in demand and require very little maintenance. If you’re considering this option, here are some of the top reasons why marble makes an excellent investment:

  1. Classic elegance: Marble offers a classic look that cannot be mimicked by any other material. To increase that “classic” look, we highly recommend
  2. Low maintenance: While marble isn’t as dense as granite, it still requires very little maintenance. Advanced sealers will ensure that it retains its shine and beauty over many years. Because of its low maintenance and easy cleaning it’s the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms as well as throughout the home.
  3. Low bacteria buildup: because it’s extremely dense bacteria has difficulty absorbing into marble floors. This makes it an excellent option for floor tiles as well as for kitchen surfaces.
  4. Disperses heat well: Like other kinds of stone, marble disperses heat well. This means you could use radiant heat mats prior to installing marble flooring to keep the material warm to the touch.

Because marble is a calcite, meaning it’s a calcium based material, the care and maintenance of marble is different than granite or other silica based materials. As a general rule of thumb, acidic cleaners (including citrus based products) should be avoided. Acids can etch marble, leaving unsightly marks on your marble countertops.